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For International students: fees, airfares and insurance are all things you need to pay for before leaving home. But all students will have to put aside some money to pay for living costs during their studies. Study New Zealand recommends all students hold $15,000 each year for living costs. On top of your fees how much money will you need to live in New Zealand? $10,000, $12,000 or $15,000? What are the real costs you’ll face here in Auckland as a student?


To give you an idea of what basic expenses you may incur, we surveyed the marketing team and established the following costs, based of sharing a house or apartment in Mt Eden with two others.


According to Barfoot and Thompson the average rental price in Mt Eden in September 2017 was  $701.


You can see the full Barfoot and Thompson September Rental market report here, which is a good way to work out if you’re paying a fair market rate for your rental.


Your share of living expenses, sharing with two others are broken down below. Please note that these are averages and you may be able to live for slightly more or less depending on your budgeting skills and personal situation.


Basics costs

Living Expense Weekly Amount
Renting with others (3 bedrooms) – based on Mt Eden $233
Food – basic dietary requirements $114
Power – your share, taking care with heating and lights $15
Bus – with student monthly discount $23
Phone – minimum phone and text plan $5
Internet – unlimited broadband $7
Other (includes clothing/toiletries/make-up) $20
Total $417

Other costs

It will also pay to set aside some money for additional costs that might come up. Here are some examples of expenses you might incur.


Item What you might pay each week
Entertainment (one meal, one movie, one sports event per week) $50 – $100
Doctor’s visit $55 – $85 (per visit)
Dentist visit $150 – $500 (per visit)
Haircut $30 – $100 (per visit)
Gym Membership (one year $314) $7.65


To get even more information on specific costs try:

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