Our creative guest speaker for our Film and Digital Media students was Lucie Blaževská. Lucie is a Graphic Designer from the Czech Republic, and the Creator of the Project ‘Born To Ride’ which celebrates the skateboard as a sporting tool and canvas for limited edition designs.

Her brand ‘Lucie Blaze‘ was founded as a unique skating project encouraging females and engaging youth to get involved through creative workshops. Lucie loves colour and she creates original graphics by using a combination of painting and hand embellished digital collage.


Lucie spoke about her creative process and about being a woman in a male-dominated skate culture. We loved her encouraging message of confidence and not being afraid to express your creativity and back your ideas.

Learning about Lucie’s creative journey, career and industry experience was inspiring for our Digital Media and Film students who are all on a creative journey and were encouraged to experiment with different mediums and push their ideas even more.

You can check out more on Lucie’s work here or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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