Evgeniia Balashova

General English

My name is Evgenia, I’m a student from from St.Peterburg, Russia.

I’ve been studying English language at EDENZ College for 4 months. I’ve started my studies as Intermediate level’s student and I’ve improved my English skills a lot during 4 months period and at last I’ve took IELTS exam. There are few factors that helped me to do this.

First of all, the technique of teaching. Teachers of EDENZ College provide all the materials very clear, moreover during the classes we had been doing a lot of practice. Furthermore, I really enjoyed the way of studying new information. All lessons are very well-presented and well-organized. We’ve been writing a lot of essays, doing a variety of presentations in front of classmates, watching a lot of videos with relevant content. 

Secondly, I would like to tell about the support of my manager Olga. Olga is a person who helped me to study as well. Olga is a person who has inspired me all the time that I spent in New Zealand. Communication with her helped me to feel support and care, that is such important things when you’re alone abroad. With her careful attitude it was easier to achieve my English language purposes. 

Also I would like to say BIG Thank you to my favourite teachers – Ruby and Hugo. 

Overall, I have very pleasant impression about my studies in EDENZ College, and I’m considering to continue my study in September 2016. 

Dalida Semenova

General English

I am from Kazakhstan, my name is Dalida. I would like to say big thank to EDENZ college where I had been studying English for 16 weeks. Five months ago I was looking for the most appropriate English school in Auckland for me. The main requirements were: good price and first category of school  because I wanted to find a part time job, “EDENZ” fit all the criteria, furthermore it has great location, and I made a decision to study there.

For all the time that I had been studying there, I have never regretted about my choice, because there are amazing and creative teachers, interesting material and it’s feeding, very friendly and appreciative stuff, great library with warm atmosphere for all this reasons I improved my English language, ahead of schedule I passed entrance exam to my next school and in addition I  made a lot of friends from different countries. I wish to team of EDENZ creative heights and inexhaustible inspiration, thank you for your work it was pleasure for me  to be a part of EDENZ.


General English


I came to New Zealand in early 2017. When I arrived I was not fluent in English, I learned it at school many years ago and occasionally attended courses in my city.


Looking for a job with this level of English seemed very difficult, so I decided to study more in a New Zealand school. It did trial sessions of several schools, (this is possible in New Zealand), and chose EDENZ colleges – English school.


The school is cozy, spacious with a friendly atmosphere and with all the necessary attributes (computers in free access, internet, library, cafe).


Before the beginning of studies, I was tested and determined at the appropriate level. I started with pre-intermediate (below-average level).


My studies started from 8.30 am to 12.45 from Monday to Friday, inclusive.

I liked Edenz Colleges from the first day, as the atmosphere here is very favorable, all the training is built in a game format and I quickly got involved in the process of classes. I also enjoyed free classes in the afternoon, which the school provided for public and students. I liked it so much that I studied for 6 months, passed two levels of pre-intermediate and intermediate.


Having a working visa, by law, I had the right to study for only 3 months, but after three months of study, with the help of an agent, I submitted an application (Variation of condition) to the immigration service for permission to extend my studies for another three months. It was quite an easy procedure, the only thing was to pay 175 NZD.


As for my progress, I acutely felt it already in the middle of my course, after about 4 months. It was then that I realized that I could calmly understand the teacher and express myself so that I too was understood.


Also I began to notice my improvement in my conversations and with my husband and child – they are now all Good! In general, when you feel progress and receive feedback from relatives, friends and even strangers, you experience satisfaction and emotional recovery.


Therefore, the next 2 months of study, I just relaxed, as the local people say – ENJOY 🙂


Also, I want to say about a teacher named Rachel, she is very small (petite), intelligent and highly organized. Rachel is the head of the English department at EDENZ,  controlling the entire learning process and she knows almost every student by name.

They address her about the transfer from the morning to the evening course, for example, if one of the students found a job in the daytime …. Or for other reasons in the morning it is not comfortable to deal with, the student has the opportunity to transfer to evening schooling.


With teachers, I was lucky, I was taught by a great teacher, Emily. She was very supportive of me, when, in fact, it was hard for me to understand English by ear and it was even harder to say anything in English.


Now I feel more confident. I’m ready to start looking for a job, I do not complex when I communicate in English. And right now the skills that the school of English EDENZ gave me will be used in real life 🙂


Thank you!

Margarita Rakhimova

General English


I wanted to thank the EDENZ college. I really enjoy studying here. I’ve been studying for 3 months. There are many great teachers who are always ready to help each student. There is a friendly atmosphere. Moreover, I’m so glad that I can have extracurricular activities such as meditation, yoga class, football. Also, I’m grateful to Olga, who is Marketing manager of Russia, she always gives a good advice! 🙂