How would you describe Edenz Colleges?

EDENZ COLLEGES prides itself on offering a supportive learning environment, with greater personal attention given to students. Delivering a rewarding learning experience with the personal touch forms the core of what we do at EDENZ.

Do you speak my language?

If you prefer, you can talk to us in your own language. We have first language support and marketers from most parts of the world ready to respond to you who can speak:  Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese and various other languages.  They’ll be happy to respond to your email, talk on phone or via video conference (SKYPE).

Is it safe in New Zealand?

New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world. Like every country, there is some crime, but if students are sensible, the rate of risks are very low. There is no religious tension in New Zealand. New Zealand has often being voted one of the most peaceful countries in the world to live in. According to the 2015 Global Peace Index we are one of the top five safest countries in the world.

Is it safe to pay my fees from overseas?

Edenz is registered with the New Zealand government (NZQA), and is required to hold student fees in a Trust Account, so that they can be refunded if the student does not start the course for some reason.

Do I need to get a VISA to study in New Zealand?

If you are not a New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident before you arrive in New Zealand to begin your studies at EDENZ Colleges, you need to make sure you have a current passport and then apply for the correct visa or permit. International students should make sure they leave themselves plenty of time to allow for their visa application to be processed.

If you are studying for 12 weeks or more, you will need a Student Visa, otherwise a Visitor Visa. Some countries have an agreement with the New Zealand Government for Visa-free entry.

For more information about applying for a visa, please contact our friendly marketing staff or visit the NZ Immigration website at: http://www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/stream/study/canistudyinnewzealand/

What other Documents will I need?

You may need a:

-Medical Certificate

-Police Certificate

-A bank statement proving that you have the funds available to support yourself.

For details, visit the NZ Immigration website at: http://www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/stream/study/

Do I need Health and Travel Insurance?

By law, all international students on a Student or Visitor Visa need to have health and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. You must show us the proof of your insurance on your first day at school. You can arrange your own insurance from your home country, or we can arrange it for you in New Zealand. The following guidelines apply to International Students only.

Insurance Guidelines: All international students coming to NZ are required by law to take out medical & travel insurance for the full period of their study. Insurance should start from when you leave home to travel so you are covered for any emergency, and include any trips to other countries, or home, during this time.

The Ministry of Education suggests that Insurance policies include:

-Emergency evacuation/repatriation

-Accompanying relative cover

-Personal effects and personal liability cover

Desirable additional components are:

-Loss of fees due to emergencies

-Mental illness

-Continuation option if you may want to extend your studies

What are the English Language Requirements?

For General English, we take Beginners, but it is important that students at least know the alphabet before they arrive. Other courses have specified entry requirement – see each course for details.

Can EDENZ arrange Aiport pickup for me?

If you have paid for airport pickup, we need to know your flight details as soon as you have confirmed them. We cannot guarantee to meet you if we are not given at least 72 hours notice.

What is your Refund Policy?

If students want to withdraw from the course, they or their Legal Guardian (for students who are under 18 years of age) must apply for it in writing on a Refund of Fees form, downloaded from the EDENZ website or obtained from the Registrar. Refunds are payable to the student, and are NOT transferable to another student.

The following refund arrangements apply (as required by NZQA):

For courses of less than 5 weeks* :

-Up until the end of the second day of the course – 50% refund less costs already incurred to a third party on behalf of the student.

-After more than 2 days of the course – No refund after this date

For courses of between 5 and 12 weeks* :

-Up until the end of the fifth day of the course – 75% refund less costs already incurred to a third party on behalf of the student.

-After 5 days of the course – No refund after this date

For courses of 13 weeks and greater* and all Business Diploma courses** :

-Within the first 10 working days of the course – Full refund less a deduction for costs incurred by the PTE, up to a maximum of 25% of the fee total paid

-After more than 10 days of the course – No refund after this date

* Week here means calendar week, not academic week
** Course here can mean either course or module.

All students are liable for the cost of any additional services requested if these have already been incurred for on behalf of the student, or rendered and/or completed prior to a cancellation. These would be subject to their cancellation policy.

NO refund of fees or extension of course will be given if the student:

-Arrives late for their course without notifying the school in writing.

-Takes time off which exceeds approved holiday.

-Leaves before the course is finished. Edenz requires two weeks notice for a holiday.

If student defaults on any fee payments, the cost of debt recovery will be the students’ responsibility. EDENZ reserves the right to charge interest (currently at 11% p/a) on any outstanding debt.

Can EDENZ arrange accommodation for me?

Yes. Our Homestay department carefully selects suitable homestays for our students. Their homes are regularly inspected to ensure quality and safety. Please contact our Accommodation Manager Yoko for more information: [email protected]

Can I drive in New Zealand?

If you have an international drivers license, you can drive here for up to one year from the day you arrive in New Zealand. If you stay longer, you will need to change it into a NZ license – for some nationalities that means sitting a theory test only, and for others both theory and a practical driving test.

For more information about driving in New Zealand, please visit the NZ Transport Agency website at: http://www.nzta.govt.nz/licence/residents-visitors/driving-nz.html

Does EDENZ Colleges have robust procedure for dealing with student feedback and grievances?

EDENZ Colleges takes feedback and complaints seriously and as an engine for growth. For full details of the complaints procedure please see our student handbook in our downloads area.

If I have a complaint with EDENZ Colleges that is unresolved what should I do?

If you have followed the complaints procedure but still find that your issue is unresolved you can raise it with iStudent Complaints.