EDENZ Colleges International Students

Study at EDENZ and you’re likely to meet students from all over the world as well as local New Zealanders. This makes for a richer universal learning environment that can lead to new cultural insights and lasting friendships as well as network connections and global career opportunities.

Our friendly support staff are here to help with academic assistance as well as practical advice. They will advise you on matters including visas, fees, accommodation and the cost of living in New Zealand. Our team has the time, knowledge and patience to answer and all of your questions. We have marketers from most parts of the world who speak numerous languages. We love people and investing in others is our priority so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

EDENZ Colleges Auckland

Marketing Manager Korea

Aman Lotey

Marketing Manager South Asia

EDENZ Colleges Auckland NZ

Marketing Assistant Thailand

Edenz Colleges Auckland

Marketing Manager Philippines

EDENZ Colleges Antonio Franco

Marketing Manager South America

EDENZ Colleges Yo Piyolos

Marketing Manager SE Asia

EDENZ Colleges Auckland

Marketing Manager for Europe and Russian speaking countries

Mari EDENZ Colleges Auckland

Japan Marketer

Vinh Nguyen

Marketing Manager Vietnam and Emerging Markets

A picturesque haven in the South Pacific made up of three main islands, New Zealand is a country full of beauty and diversity. Auckland city is situated between two natural harbours. EDENZ Colleges CBD location is accessible to abundant restaurants, bars, shops, galleries and convenient public transport. We have often being voted one of the most peaceful countries in the world to live in. According to the 2015 Global Peace Index New Zealand is one of the top five safest countries in the world. There is no religious tension in New Zealand. With a population of 4.5 million people we welcome all cultures. Auckland is a city with a rich cultural mix that is reflected in its restaurants, meeting places, events, music and art.

EDENZ Colleges Auckland NZ
EDENZ Colleges Auckland NZ
EDENZ Colleges Auckland NZ
EDENZ Colleges Auckland NZ
EDENZ Colleges Auckland NZ
EDENZ Colleges Auckland City

Auckland is New Zealand’s biggest and fastest growing city with a population of 1.5 million people and counting, it is the financial and economic centre of the country. Skilled people are in high demand and there are growing opportunities in many sectors. Our people are friendly and welcoming and Auckland is New Zealand’s most popular destination for international students. We prioritise the well-being of international students and ensure that you enjoy a high level of care. According to the Mercer Quality of Living scale Auckland is rated the third most liveable city in the world. It is consistently ranked one of the world’s best places to live, for its activities and attractions, and also its cleanliness, infrastructure, people and climate.

Throughout Auckland there are beautiful beaches, parks and vineyards with a backdrop of tropical forests and glittering surf. The general climate in Auckland is mild and temperate though we advise you be prepared for all types of weather throughout the year, being on an island we can experience rapidly changing temperatures. EDENZ Colleges runs many social events throughout the year and we encourage you to explore our city and beyond. We’re here to help you discover how incredible New Zealand is so feel free to ask us anything.

We have an accommodation manager on site to help you find somewhere to live. A lot of our students enjoy homestay (living with a family in their home) or flatting in an apartment of house with other students. Costs vary depending on the type of accommodation you choose and your location in the city.

Estimated cost of living in Auckland
Rent $150-$300 a week
Utilities (Power, Internet, Water etc.) $20-$40 a week
Groceries $80-$100 a week
Bus/Train $30 per week
Car/Motorbike/Scooter $25-130 per week

Find out more about the cost of living in Auckland and what to expect here: https://www.newzealandnow.govt.nz/studying-in-nz

To find out more about our course fees please go to the fees page http://www.edenz.ac.nz/fees/