Donna is a Business Lecturer and Programme Leader here at EDENZ. She is a Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience in accounting, teaching, support and administrative services. Over the years, she has equipped herself with exceptional knowledge in finance and business administration, and has been recognised for her strong determination and passion towards achieving organisational success.

Donna has a Graduate Diploma in Accountancy Degree and she also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management. That combination has equipped her with skills and helped her develop greater expertise in her specialist areas of Business Finance and Accounting. The challenge for her now is to keep learning and to secure her Chartered Accountant License.

Donna, in her spare time, enjoys reading books, traveling and sightseeing.



+64 9 309 5208 ext 381


  • Graduate Diploma in Accountancy Degree
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management
  • Certified Public Accountant