Hugo has been an English Teacher for over 8 years. He studied in his home country, Chile, and taught there for seven years to students from ages 4 to 18.

Hugo keeps a positive and friendly attitude because he truly enjoys teaching and likes to think that he can help people who see English as a development tool to learn the language. For Hugo teaching is not just his job but something that he loves doing.

Hugo likes the friendly and cooperative environment at EDENZ. A lot of people have helped him or offered their help from day one.

Hugo is a huge football (soccer) fan. He likes to watch football from all over the world and play football in his spare time. He also likes walking long distances, going to the gym to lift weights and going to concerts.


[email protected]


+64 9 309 5208 Extn 361


  • Bachelor Degree in Education
  • Professional Degree of English Teaching
  • Currently completing: Diploma in TESOL level 7