Iain is the head of the Film Academy here at EDENZ. He brings a wealth of academic and commercial experience in the audio visual industry to his role. His first love has always been cinematography which led to him gaining many years hands-on experience in the camera department. Iain has operated on every format from digital beta-cam to super 35mm film and most modern HD formats.

Iain has worked as a Telecine Colourist, professional photographer and Business Developer, giving him valuable insights into both the practical reality of delivering technical expertise under real world time pressures, and the strategic vision associated with running a successful business. Iain is an energetic, hardworking, highly creative individual who takes a pride in communicating honestly with both staff and students alike.

Past roles have seen Iain work closely with Directors, Editors and Producers, in particular focusing on the quality and “look” of many projects, including commercials, film features and music videos. Systems used have included: Phillips Spirit, Cintel Mark3, Rank Cintel Ursa and Da-Vinci 2K Plus, Aaton Keylink systems, EQ and Pablo DI; Apple Final Cut and Color.

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+64 9 309 5208 ext 350


  • Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree
  • Major – Internship in Post Production Telecine (Colourist)
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree
  • Cinematography Certificate in Television and Broadcast Studies