Paulo has a Bachelors degree in Law. He used to work as an assistant criminal prosecutor back in Brazil. During his 5 years at University, he taught English and worked as a translator and interpreter. Paulo believes he got to where he is today due to his previous experience teaching.

The thing Paulo likes the most about working at EDENZ is it’s international vibe and relaxed atmosphere. Both staff and students come from all over the world, and that gives him the opportunity to learn more about other cultures, which is one of his favorite things to do.

In his spare time Paulo works with and teaches some of the subjects he learned outside of Law. He has a deep passion for Eastern Philosophy. He is a certified Ayurveda counselor (ancient medicinal tradition from India). Apart from that, Paulo really enjoys literature and is a vinyl collector (he loves music!).


[email protected]


+64 9 309 5208 Extn 361


  • Bachelors Degree in Law (Positivo University, Brazil – 5 years)
  • Ayurvedic Counselor (Kerala Ayurveda Academy, Los Angeles/CA, USA – 2 years)
  • Japanese Culture Summer program certificate (Kake Institute, Okayama, Japan – 30 days intensive course)
  • Aikikai Shodan Certificate (Doshinokai Dojo, Los Angeles/CA, USA – 4 years [Japanese culture school] )
  • English Language course certificate (Brazil – 8 years)
  • English Language course certificate (Cambridge, UK – 45 days intensive course)
  • Walt Disney World Customer Service summer program (Orlando/FL, USA – 90 days training)