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The Diploma in TESOL from EDENZ Colleges is designed for English teachers (Native or Non-Native) who wish to deepen their theoretical study of TESOL methodologies and Linguistics.

Training delivery will predominantly be Face-to-Face. Students receive a combination of theory, practice, and observation. Delivery methods may include classroom discussion, seminars, role-plays and one-on-one guidance.


3 core assessments make up the EDENZ Diploma In TESOL, and are offered over 12 months.

Teaching Observation (30 Credit Points)
The candidate will be able to complete a set of 15 classroom observations which can be used to observe and record specific features of lessons, the findings for which can then be evaluated. The portfolio tests the candidate’s knowledge of the following areas: Language and language awareness, teaching and learning, teaching techniques and personal and professional development. Observations are of certificate trainees during the intensive certificate courses and it is recommended that they are done throughout the year. Observations of experienced ESOL staff are also timetabled.
Teaching Practice (30 Credit Points)
This evaluates the candidate’s classroom teaching, and their own assessment of taught lessons as included in a Teaching journal. The candidate will be able to teach a series of lessons and complete a journal detailing their own assessment of their teaching, including plans and self-evaluations.
Teaching Methods, Methodology and Language Awareness (30 Credits)
The candidate will be able to answer three short questions specifically related to grammar, lexis, and discourse, as well as one essay question based on theory ( approaches and methodology, testing, world English, history of English) and one question based on practice (professional development and skills, the learner, management, course and material design, teaching young learners). The written paper is normally scheduled for the end of the course and covers a broad range of topics and content which have been taught over the year.  Together with the written assignment an interview tests the candidate’s knowledge of phonology, and its application to teaching. It is in three sections. The candidate will be able to present a prepared talk on a phonology topic of their own choice, answer questions on the characteristics of spoken English, phonology, stress and intonation, and identify strategies and techniques for improving students’ phonology. This is best completed after the phonology seminars in term 1.
  • Have IELTS or equivalent: minimum all bands 6 with no less than 5.5
  • A minimum of 2 years’ full-time ESOL class teaching experience or relevant work experience
  • Teachers with special needs will be required to demonstrate satisfactory techniques and strategies for coping with the demands of the course. They will provide at interview a demonstration of these; strategies
  • An international TESOL certificate (CELTA/Trinity TESOL Cert) or equivalent
* Although stated criteria may be met, all admissions are at the discretion of the EDENZ TESOL Academy
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