We are excited to announce the launch of our one-of-a-kind Bachelor’s Degrees! NZQA has approved EDENZ to offer:


Launching in June 2016, Degree students will study core papers in Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology and Media alongside each other. This integrative approach to learning focuses on developing innovative graduates who will have great people skills not just technical or theoretical knowledge. Executive Principal Rob Simpson says:

“Graduates will know themselves, know others and be able to create long-term meaningful solutions for people.”

Our graduates will be prepared for a successful and fulfilling career in an ever changing world, opening up new global opportunities and formal recognition from New Zealand authorities.

The degree qualifications have already received high praise from NZQA Degree Panel who said that

“the programme design is innovative… and it will enable graduates to be people-centred.”

The qualifications are focused on creating highly employable graduates. “We want our graduates to not only be employees, but also employers,” says David McCurdy Academic Director.

NZQA also considered the inclusion of shared business components across the degrees

“a strength that would support those in the arts to graduate with relevant knowledge and entrepreneurial skills that can be applied in their fields of practice.”

We are so proud of these recent developments and the process and hard work that has brought us here, EDENZ is a forward-thinking, growing institution and we’re excited to see what the future holds!


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