What was your biggest fear before coming to the NZ Digital Media Academy? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

Before coming to the NZ Digital Media Academy my biggest fear was not being able to finish the course. In my mind at first I thought 3D animation would be too difficult, having completely no experience in the 3D World. It all changed when I began the course. In my experience the tutors were helpful and they really know what they are doing. They make sure you are ready to face the real world.

What, specifically, was your favourite part of your experience at NZ Digital Academy, and why?

My favourite experience was doing all the projects. It’s daunting but the tutors helped me along the way with their advice and when you see the end result you have this feeling of accomplishment, it’s a great feeling.

In what way do you think your education from NZ Digital Academy will help you in the real world and your career?

What I like about the course that I studied is that it’s not like any educational institution that I have been to. The tutors give you real world experience and they expect a quality result. They just don’t let you pass for the sake of letting you have your diploma. They make sure that every graduate is top notch and ready to face the industries.


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