My name is Rafael and I’m from Brazil. I’m a Software Engineer. I was studying in Brazil, I graduated there in 2011 in Computer Science. Since 2008 (the year I started to work in the IT sector) I’ve been working developing software and using all kinds of software. Small mediums, big ones, complex ones. I’m the ‘IT guy’ you could say!

I’ve been dealing with a big range of technology but I have my choice which is .NET framework from Microsoft which I like very much. I’ve been working with it and I could study it more at the NZ Technology Academy. I’m always aiming to learn more and more about it, to keep up-to-date because things are changing too much. Now I’m working as a Senior Software Developer in a company here in South Auckland. My duties are to sort things out there. They are dealing with a lot of systems, they’re dealing with legacy systems and new ones and we need to centralise all this information. We have a lot of resources and information and we need to deliver all of this to important people.

Did you have any fears before coming to the NZ Technology Academy or any expectations of how it would be, and how did it turn out?

I had a lot of fears. I was in Brazil and I had a good situation there, I had a good job then I quit everything there. I sold all my goods to be here. The language was also a challenge because this is actually my first time abroad. I’ve been studying English for some years but this is my first time dealing with English every day. In Brazil we are very used to the American accent not the British and Kiwi accent so it was very different and it was hard to understand and things like that. I had some expectations and I think I made a good choice doing this. It has been a great experience for me.

What has been your favourite part of studying at the NZ Technology Academy and why?

The best thing was that I could have the power of choice. I could choose what kind of technology I wanted to study and was able to choose what would be best to prepare me for the market.

How do you think your education from NZ Technology Academy has helped for your career and in the real world?

Here at NZ Technology Academy, I could stop myself and really think about what I was going to study here. I focused on something that I know that I need to understand, I need to keep up and here I could do this, this was the opportunity.

How did you find the content of the course and the tutors, the learning environment?

The good thing was that we had a medium sized class and we collaborated with each other. The learning environment was good. I could make some friends here. It was a pretty relaxed environment, not a hard environment with a strict teacher.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m planning on staying in New Zealand for at least for one more year, working and improving. As this is my first time abroad, this international experience is good for me, for my career and for myself. I’m settled here, I’m used to Auckland already.

Anything else you’d like to add?

The experience here was good and the environment was good for learning. I felt like I could help people and people could help me as well. It was very good.

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