NZ Technology Academy specialises in preparing students for employment as software developers, a profession that is in high demand throughout the world. While doing the diploma, students will engage with, and learn from, each other, industry practitioners as well as our staff who are excellent facilitators of learning. We guide each student to achieve their best, helping them not only gain valuable knowledge and skills, but also develop their communication and other soft skills.

In the first two terms, students study Mobile Software Development, Desktop Software Development, Cloud Software Development and Web Application Development. Students have the option to choose a 30-credit Robotics and Internet of Things course instead of the Cloud and Web courses. In the last two terms, students will undertake a capstone project. These capstone projects are mostly for industry, industry-sponsored or industry-inspired.


We do things differently. We are not afraid to explore and experiment and we want our students to do the same.


We want our students to develop not just technical skills but also the soft skills needed to be successful in their careers.


Our staff  enjoy learning and teaching. They believe that learning should be enjoyable and they do their best to make it so.

NZ Technology Academy Diploma in Software

The Diploma in Software Development provides career-minded students with practical hands-on software development in modern application programming, resulting in highly-tuned technical capabilities. On completion, graduates are well prepared for lucrative roles in the software development industry.

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H.O.D - NZ Technology Academy
Ganeshan enjoys teaching and leading the department, developing new and exciting courses and programs in technology, especially computing and engineering. He is passionate about technology and its uses to improve..
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Senior Technology Lecturer
Diana is a Senior Lecturer in the Technology Academy at EDENZ. She has 17 years experience in the software industry, including programming, software quality management and project management. She has several..

Maria and Jose are a married couple, originally from Colombia. They both have a background working in software development and wanted to improve their technical skills while learning more about the NZ IT industry by studying at the NZ Technology Academy. When asked about studying together they say: “sometimes we fight but it’s great to be able to support each other and we can learn from each other’s experience.”

One of Jose and Maria’s favourite things is “the connection between EDENZ and the NZ IT industry.” They are both involved in an internship opportunity they got through EDENZ where they are developing real games for the public.

“They care about your ambition, your future and what you can do. It’s exciting to think about what you can do in the future with the knowledge you’ve gained here.”

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“I’ve opened up a new programming world at NZ Technology Academy and I’ve started to use lots of programming languages, frameworks and deploying applications to the cloud. It’s an amazing, new experience for me. The NZ Technology Academy helped us students to get an internship with a real start-up game company. It’s a great thing to be involved in and we get to make some games and applications for a great amount of people.”

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