Chi is from Vietnam and is one of our lovely graduates from the NZ TESOL Academy intensive course.

What were you worried about before starting the course?

Actually I had nothing to worry about before starting the course because I was in Vietnam and I really prepared for this. I wanted to go to New Zealand to improve in my teaching skills and my English also. I was so excited, not worried, really excited!

What was your favourite part of the course?

I enjoyed every single part of the course but if I have to pick one my most favourite would be the teaching practice and teaching private lessons for students, learner profiles. It’s really nice because when you learn the lesson, you are given the theory and then you have the chance to apply what you have learned. I think I have improved a lot during the teaching practice. After 6 TP lessons I think I improved everyday. I learned how to manage my time well during the lesson and also I know how to be professional while presenting using the whiteboard and other aids.

How did you find the content of the course and the tutors?

The content of the course is very useful for me. The tutors are really good. One of the tutors that I really admire is Mike. He is awesome, he is really caring and helpful. I know that he is very busy but if you have a question he always has time for you, even if it’s a stupid question. Every single lesson when he comes to class I feel like he really pours his heart into it.

How do you think studying at the NZ TESOL Academy will help you in future and your career?

It will definitely help me a lot in my future because my dream is to become an English teacher. I was an English teacher in Vietnam but in New Zealand and other countries it’s more difficult. Studying at EDENZ offered me a lot of knowledge. I’m more aware of the definitions of teaching English and I learned the communicative approach of teaching. I got a role model for myself in Mike’s teaching style. I will look up to him and try my best, it’s very helpful to me.

Anything else you’d like to add?

This course is awesome because of the friends you make and everything but it was intensive for me and for all my friends in class. We had a lot of fun doing the assignments and lots of late nights.


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