EDENZ Colleges Auckland
Queen's Community College

Queen’s Community College have partnered with EDENZ College based on the principle of reciprocity and the interest of both parties in academic partnership in the belief that the establishment of such partnership will increase the research and educational process quality of Queen’s Community College (QCC) and EDENZ College (EC). Parties agreed to encourage the development of the following partnership based on their respective academic, research, and educational needs. Fields of cooperation include Business, Film and Television Production, Applied Arts and English Language Programs.

Partners recognize that the implementation of any program will depend upon the research and academic interests and expertise of individual faculty members and researchers and upon the availability of financial resources. Accordingly, the implementation of any program based on this agreement shall be separately negotiated and determined by both parties. Colleges collaborate to provide students with unlimited pathways to achieve their education and career goals.

Queen’s Community College is committed to developing partnerships on a global scale. This partnership builds and fosters relationships and collaboration between Queen’s Community College and EDENZ College.

For Further information or apply for studying or cooperation with Queen’s Community College, visit: http://queenscollege.ge/