eSports – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Test

We know that the game principle is indestructibly good, but what does the tactical shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive actually do differently than its predecessors? We reveal it in the test. The question as to why you should actually play the tactical shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO for short) when you already own the original Counter-Strike or Counter-Strike: Source is now more important than ever during the test.

We ask a counter question: Why do women need more than four pairs of shoes? And here’s the simple answer: Because it’s fun!

  • CS:GO unfolds exactly the same pull as the old parts, even if as someone who is just changing from the first Counter-Strike or from Source, you first have to change in not unimportant matters.
  • But once you’ve ventured on Dust, Italy or Train and completed a few laps, you just don’t want to stop.
  • Unless you run into a server where the opposing team is so dominant that you can go into battle without weapons. But hey, then you just change the server, it’s so simple.
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They forgot the tunnel!

The developers Valve and Hidden Path don’t reinvent the CS Wheel with Global Offensive. The hostage and bomb cards are all old acquaintances, albeit with some minor adaptations. A wooden walkway connects the two balconies on the classic Dust and the terrorists have been given a new staircase from the underpass. On Aztec the direct water access at the terrorists’ starting point is missing and the way up from the water to the two wooden gates now runs in a different direction, on Train you can now overlook bomb site B from two elevated points and so on.

But the small changes really have a playful effect. On Dust the underpass is not so static anymore, on Aztec it’s missing … let’s call them sniper rifle enthusiasts on the terrorist side down at the water access, because there’s no water access anymore, the anti-terrorists can’t fall so easily into the backs of the opposing team anymore because of the adapted ramp to the wooden gates and on Train you have now a really clear view of the bomb point from the new balcony. The map adjustments are good and useful, even though many fans of the old games are likely to moan at first, because their usual procedures become impossible or at least difficult.

Whoever starts CS:GO and thinks that he is the king (respectively the queen) of the map with Ak 47 like in the predecessors, will look stupidly out of the wash after a few rounds and doubt the famous skill. Where did he go? I still had him the other day! He’s not gone, he just has to be spiced up. Or differently: CS:GO works in the crucial details scattering, armor and Hitbox differently than the predecessors.

Hitboxes, i.e. hit zones, are smaller in CS:GO than in Counter-Strike or Counter-Strike: Source. The logical conclusion: You have to aim better. The armour can withstand more. The logical conclusion: You need more balls. And the scattering of the balls during the recoil is different. The logical conclusion: You have to get used to it first. Together this results in: What in the predecessors means a safe headshot and an opponent less, does not mean that in Global Offensive for a long time yet. If you are aware of this, you will save a lot of nerves (and curses) in the first games of the game.

The noble intention of the developers to weaken the sniper rifles and especially the thick AWP by blurring the view through the rifle scope when you move can only be described as a noble intention. The blurring effect has no effect at all. Those who have always been good with sniper ratchets are also good in CS:GO. Much to the chagrin of those who are not.

Molotov cocktail? Such nonsense!

Something that we rather smiled at or at least critically viewed during the first announcements: The Molotov cocktails (terrorists) or the incendiary grenades (anti-terrorists). In practice, however, these little throwing things that create flame carpets turn out to be uncommonly great. One can interrupt a Rush with it really lastingly or at least bring to a standstill so far that one cannot speak of a Rush any more. When all terrorists have gathered in the underpass on Dust, sometimes two incendiary grenades reach down from the balcony to weaken the bombers so much that they could give up immediately.

The new bait grenade, which makes fighting noises where no one fights, can beautifully ambush enemies. Can. However, you know the Ho. However, you either know the hotspots of a map from its predecessors or you learn them quite quickly.